Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Your Present

Today was my first day at the Nordstrom Espresso Bar and to be honest I wasn't quite expecting to jump right into things as quickly as they had me and the other newbies do. Before we opened this morning the manager had us making espresso shots and tasting beverages and it's hard to make the perfect espresso shot! Anyway, when we opened I spent a lot of the time taking drink orders and chatting with customers and they gave me a bunch of compliments on my nails (painted my new American Apparel nail polish in "Office") and one woman complimented my earrings from target while hers probably cost at least 10 times the amount mine did :] Anyway, everyone was really nice and I haven't had to deal with any cranky people...yet.

Getting to the point of my post, I wanted to give recognition to a friend of mine who I met through my ex and who works for one of my favorite etsy clothing lines. This lady, Yoon, has her own etsy shop and is one of the lovely ladies of I'm Your Present. I'm always so jealous that she gets to work there not only because I love Kelly's clothes and designs but because they always seem to be having such a good time! All of the pieces from I'm Your Present are so fun and girly and if I had more money I'd buy all of my clothes from her. Of the things that I have purchased from I'm Your Present my favorite is probably this dress:



Some other pieces of hers that I like and wish I could own :D

Bow Print Ruffle Mini Skirt

Geometric Print Leggings

Black Lace Back Dress

If you haven't, I would definitely check out I'm Your Present, not only are they all super nice girls but your clothes usually come packaged in cute wrapping as well!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling good.

I'm almost afraid to be too happy since so many good things happened today and all winter it seemed like one bad thing after another kept popping up. The biggest thing was I got a call back from the manager of the espresso bar at Nordstrom and I got the job that I interviewed for on Monday! I start Tuesday :] The Nordstom I'm going to work at is at this ritzy mall in NJ that doesn't even have a foodcourt because they don't want that sort of atmosphere so it should be an interesting experience. I'm super excited though because now I have a job until my summer camp EMT job starts and then I will probably have time to work both (and have no time for anything else haha :D).

Today we had such beautiful weather mixed with random downpours that would last about 5 minutes then pass by. I tried to take some outfit pictures but I hate self-portraits of myself so here are some pictures of the azalea bush next to my house that is in bloom.

This color of the flowers is beautiful. My pictures don't do it justice.

I chased this guy around with my camera. He was so big and fuzzy.


Tonight the volunteer first aid squad I belong to went to judge the girl scout/boy scout first aid rally and it was a lot of fun. The kids were too cute and it was funny to listen to them whispering to each other before they came up to ask us questions or started treating their patients. Some of the older troops really did a great job and it reminded me of back when I was a girl scout participating in the first aid rally over 8 years ago!

Despite how terrible my allergies have been I'm so happy it's spring :]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eggshell Blue!

I like a lot of my favorite bloggers seem to be embracing eggshell blue this spring. Last week or the week before (days and weeks seem to be running together lately) I decided to look for some blue nail polish and ended up getting a pretty green due to Target's small selection of colors to choose from. One of the members of my first aid squad joked that our patients would think I had gangrene but I responded that they would probably be focused more on whatever called us out there to care about whether I had gangrene or not :D Anyway I had spied on both the glamourai's and Jenny N's blogs two different kinds of cute eggshell blue polishes so after my job interview yesterday at Nordstrom I decided to head over to American Apparel and see if I could pick up the "office" color that Jenny N had. I painted my nails last night and I love the color.



The color is actually similar to the color of the walls in my room.

I've been doing a lot of silly spontaneous dancing in my room before bed to relieve stress. My current favorite song to dance to is "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. A friend said the singer looks like an aging Uncle Jesse from Full House which makes me giggle everytime I watch the video.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


My Seychelles Blimeys came in the mail today :D If you know me, you already know that I am not usually a girl who wears heels. I am clumsy and am constantly walking into things or falling over things and heels just seem like they would make my ability to walk like a normal person even more difficult than it already is. However, I am in love with these shoes and I am trying to broaden my horizons and that is how I convinced myself that it was worth it to buy them.

I bought them in clay from 6pm and I had to try them on right away so I threw off my boots, exposing my favorite socks (from J-Crew) that my ex-bf's mom gave me for Christmas.

I'm happy and wearing my Lamixx sweater that I adore.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I've been trying to form an opinion on the jean/legging combination. I really despise the word "jegging" and after seeing it the first time, I was a little turned off to the idea. However, the more I read about them, the more willing I am to try out a pair as I am a big fan of both skinny jeans and leggings. My body shape continually frustrates me as I was not blessed with any curves to speak of and after a wearing or two even my skinny jeans become very loose in the butt area. Also, I have very skinny ankles and a lot of the time I have a hard time finding jeans that will be tight enough on the bottom. It seems that the jean/legging will solve both problems and Urban Outfitters has them in my favorite jean brand, BDG. The one thing I'm conflicted about is the lack of front pockets since I think it makes them look a little funny when worn but maybe the pictures don't do them justice.

BDG Denim Legging in light grey and medium blue

Any opinions or suggestions as to where else to find them?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kings of Leon but not.

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I loved the Kings of Leon song - Use Somebody and then it was played everywhere by everyone and it made me crazy but now that I don't hear it so frequently I enjoy the occasional listen. This cover by Friendly Fires is my favorite cover of the song and I felt like sharing it with whoever reads this blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Playing What Sarah Said by Death Cab on repeat

I've been neglecting my blog for the past few days but with good reason. Yesterday I helped my mom and dad rake the leaves from our front yard which was badly in need of some spring cleaning and then I headed over to American Eagle to help out with their floorset. I haven't worked there in over a year and it brought back memories, some good, some bad. I came home around 1am to find out that an old friend of my ex-boyfriend's had died in a car accident. Even though I had only met Jarret a few times I still felt sad and I felt even worse for Ian. I think the whole thing threw me off and of course this morning I had to report for jury duty at 8:30am where I proceeded to drink too much coffee and sit around until 3pm. Now I'm overtired, overcaffeinated and overemotional but I wanted to find something that made me happy to put up on my blog.

These are old pictures from my trip to Italy. I would go back in a heartbeat.


leaning tower


Swiss Guards
I was pretty much in love with the swiss guards at the Vatican.

rome 069
I was actually just in love with everything at the Vatican.

on the way to sorrento


Searching through my flickr has reminded me I want to eventually get a paid account since some of my favorite pictures from Venice aren't available due to the 200 picture limit. Oh well, just another thing that will have to wait until I become employed again.

P.S. I'm sorry for being pushy. I don't know how to show I care in any other way I suppose.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

You were a truth...

I've had a hard time going to bed at a decent time. I wanted to take a picture of my nails that I painted a "mint green" according to revlon or whatever brand of nail polish I used but I don't see myself as a photogenic person and was unhappy with any of my own photography attempts at 2:30am.

Just my hand and it's at a strange angle. I wanted to do them a light blue but when I went to Target the nailpolish selection was disappointing. Plus whatever brand I used, it was too thick and had a terrible brush. Any suggestions on a good nail polish?

See my fingers are much longer haha
Acceptable. This dress is so light and colorful and captured perfectly how I felt yesterday. Dawn and I went to a park after she got out of work then had Fuddruckers! I love how they have the best birch beer and fries :]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The majority of today was spent at a lake in town, tanning, drinking and enjoying the nice weather and company of two of my high school best friends. With them it's easy to fall back into the pattern or teasing each other, reminiscing about high school and our separate college experiences, and just chatting about our lives despite our sometimes mutual lack of regular communication. They are the kind of friends that won't see you for months but still offer to beat up your ex if you want them to. No pictures of today were taken because I've become lazy in my picture taking habits but I just wanted to acknowledge how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. Sometimes I let the loneliness of living at home away from a good portion of the friends that I care about the most really get to me and instead of feeling bad for myself I should probably just pick up the phone. Well that being said, I will leave you with this picture of a sea otter because they are animals that continually make me smile and think positively.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage Mom

So I was inspired by a contest where you post a picture of your Mom from when she was about your age. I went through a bunch of photo albums and found some pretty amazing pictures. Maybe someone will direct my mom to this post and she'll get all upset that I posted them but honestly they were too good to pass up!




My mom is second from the left and the other girl is my godmother!

My favorite picture!



I wish I could scan/photograph this picture with more clarity because I love my mom's outfit, she's in the middle.

My godmother. What an awesome dress!

Later, I will probably post the pictures in a larger size to my flickr.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Vladimir Kush

One of my favorite artists, I feel constantly inspired by his paintings and sculptures.




- via Zuza Fun


- via

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We had a big shindig with my dad's family yesterday so today is kind of quiet and laid back. That being said, I want to plug one of my favorite etsy designers, Jacqueline Rose, whose brand Lamixx is amazing. Lamixx has all kinds of great basics such as V-Neck tees and oversized boyfriend dress shirts. Two pieces I love are

The Off the Shoulder Creme de la Creme soft 3/4 sleeve dress which comes in black and ivory. I bought the black and not only does it look cute but the fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable.

The Pullover Oversized Dolman Sweater which comes in heather gray and taupe. It's made from this great french terry and I would wear it everyday if I could. It's very versatile, you could pair it with leggings or a cute denim skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. Last night the temperature dropped and I paired it with some American Apparel running shorts.

I honestly can't say enough good things about Lamixx and I'm looking forward to purchasing from Jacqueline Rose again. Even right now I'm considering the Oversized Boyfriend Pinstripe Buttondown.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last night my best friend and I were trading links back and forth for clothing sites and specific pieces of clothing and I stumbled upon this dress by anthropologie:


I think the lobster print is cute but I wish anthropologie didn't have so many adorable items.

Easter dinner today with my dad's family is today and it's expected to be 27 people! It should be interesting as always haha

Thursday, April 1, 2010

After seeing a post by Rebecca, The Clothes Horse, about spring essentials and white dresses it made me think about how I'm always on the lookout for a cute white dress. I think that subconsciously I look at them because of this dream that was either mine or my ex-bf's about me stepping off a bus or train to meet him and wearing some cute white dress. It's weird the things that stick with you. I did a little searching of my own on and found:

I thought this NY & Company dress was cute though I'm not a big fan of eyelet.

This Juicy Couture dress is simple and yet way out of my price range :D

And then there is the Lilly Pulitzer Bubble dress that looks cute on the model but would probably make me look terrible.

I'm so excited for spring and warm weather. Maybe I will wear a dress to my job interview later!