Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Childhood Part 2

Why is it that when you're having a bad day, the bad things just seem to multiply? Getting up at 6am to be at work at 7 was bad enough but then there came plenty of rude customers and the speedometer of my car not working. Add my dad turning the hot water off while I was showering and claiming he didn't know I was in the shower and my ex's new girlfriend being cuter than me to the mix and I'm all cranky and tired and it's only 10pm haha but on the bright side, at least I can laugh at myself. A month ago I'd probably have just cried...maybe I am feeling better than I thought I was.

Either way, here is installment 2 of my childhood photos. If you couldn't tell from my last family photographs, I am adopted. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and flew into JFK Airport in NY on May 7, 1987 less than 5 months after I was born. My brother, who is genetically my parent's child was born almost 3 years after me. He was a surprise :D I always get questions like, "When did you find out you were adopted?" and "Do you ever want to find your birth parents?" Honestly, my family is my family and I wouldn't trade them for anything (even though they can get on my nerves sometimes!). I was lucky to be adopted into a HUGE irish catholic family (my dad's side) and I can say truthfully that I've never gone one day feeling like I didn't fit in with them. They are crazy, loud and know how to have a good time but most importantly they would do anything for each other and for me and I'd do the same for them.


Back when we liked each other haha

Mom, Jack, Cadie

The following pictures are some of my favorite polaroids! I find it funny how the snowman has a different expression in every picture and how inappropriate it looks :D

Cadie, Jack, snowman


Cadie and snowman
I went to the beach by myself probably for the first time ever and it was a good experience...I read vogue and people watched and just overall enjoyed a beautiful day off. After lying on the beach for a few hours I ventured onto the boardwalk to get some frozen yogurt (that orange/vanilla/creamsicletasting/deliciousness flavor) and was accosted by 2 people offering me jobs. The first tried to throw a business card for who knows what into my hand which I politely declined but the second girl stopped me (while I was enjoying my frozen yogurt) and I listened to her for a few minutes. I think I only gave her a chance because she told me I was pretty and skinny haha I mean how can you not be flattered by that? Anyways, I got my sun, sand, ocean and frozen yogurt fix satisfied so I'm happy and ready to return to my coffee slave position tomorrow.

Taking a page out of Rebecca of The Clothes Horse's book, I am adding a what is in my purse picture to my post.


Usually I don't carry around shorts but I wasn't sure if I would want to change shorts after spending all day in another pair. Normal items include my ipod, chapstick, loose change, wallet, eyedrops, cellphone, keys, sunglasses (that should be in the case), planner, lotion and allergy meds since my allergies have been SO terrible this spring. Additional items that float in and out are things like gift cards (I have the sephora one in there from my brother!) and those giant post its that I occasionally write directions or random notes to myself on. The makeup makes me laugh because I never wear any unless it's concealer to hide some unwanted blemishes but for some reason I spy blush. The good part of having a giant bag, mine is from Urbanoutfitters, is that I can fit all my junk in it but at the same time a lot of unwanted junk tends to build up and I often have a hard time finding the important things like my chapstick or ipod haha

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Before I Forget.

Last week I came home to find a large pile of garbage that had been dumped in a small clearing next to one of the curves of my family's driveway. My dad called the cops who had a detective come and go through the garbage to try to find clues which would give us an idea where it had come from. There were a lot of restaurant receipts and it turns out the owner of some restaurant had borrowed a friend's truck and someone had dumped the garbage in our driveway. The truck's owner came and removed the garbage and last we heard the restaurant owner was supposed to go to the police station and be arrested.

This week has been so up and down and I'm really glad it's almost over. I feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Wednesday I had off and my friend, Dawn, and I went down to the beach despite the partly cloudy day and cooler temperatures.

According to most standards probably not but I had a good time.

I didn't really dress for the weather. Instead, I dressed comfortably.

We went to the aquarium.

More pictures on flickr.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Childhood Part 1

After going through old photos of my mom a month or so ago and seeing childhood photos of other bloggers I decided to dig through some old pictures my mom found while cleaning out my grandparent's house. It made me smile to see little me holding hands with my grandparents or sitting on their porch with my mom. When my grandfather died I inherited his polaroid camera and it's produced some of my favorite pictures. All of the polaroids I'm posting came from the same old Sun600 that I use today :]

I've also decided to devote another post or two to these pictures since I could go on forever talking about them (To see all of the pictures that I will eventually post about, check out my flickr. I really need to give in and just pay for a year subscription so I can see all my photos again).

Grandma & Cadie
This picture of my grandmother and I is a new favorite. I had never seen this photo before today and I'm really glad I found it. I'm not sure where it was taken but I'm holding one of those brushes that you brush snow off your car with haha My grandmother is such an inspiration to me and my tattoo is devoted to her. Her favorite favorite bird was the hummingbird which I have on my left shoulder and my grandma was the one who created my obsession with shopping and made the best spaghetti and meatballs I've ever eaten. Since she passed away, no one has been able to match her cooking. The next few pictures were all taken at my grandparent's house where I spent a lot of time while my parents were working.

Jack, Grandma, Cadie

Cadie & Grandpa
My Grandpa and I

Cadie, UncleJohn, Silverstar
My Uncle John and his Siberian Husky, Silver Star, when he was a puppy!

Cadie & Grandma

There are so many updates to my life I'd like to include but after working 6 days in a row (tomorrow will be 7!) I'm exhausted and all I ever want to do anymore is sleep! What I will say is that my made to order cut out dress from Vivat Veritas came today and I'm super excited to wear it :] Hopefully I will post pictures but I always hate how pictures I take of myself come out. I wish I had a personal photographer :D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My room, the DISASTER

When I was an undergraduate at Syracuse University my room was always immaculate. Even when I was living in a triple and had 2 roommates plus me in one room our room was both neat and clean. Since coming home from college (It's exactly one year from today that I graduated) my room hasn't actually been clean. I have piles of magazines that I've been meaning to go through and books and clothing piled up everywhere. One problem I have is that I don't know how to store my collection of purses and totes. Currently, they are all hanging off the arms of a butterfly chair that I probably ordered from delias when I was 13. Not that I don't love the chair but it resides near my large full wall closet and I am constantly dumping items that I don't want to put away for the moment onto it.

My room, the disaster 1
It's like a page out of ISPY. Clothes, my syracuse umbrella, measuring tape, various purses, the sephora gift card my brother bought gave to me last week (my birthday was in January haha) and my Nordstrom espresso bar apron.

If you can think of a better way to store my purses I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe some kind of hanger in the closet or a coat rack that I can devote to just bags.

My room, the disaster 2
Here is a picture of the dresser I mentioned in my last post. It's covered in picture frames, candles, jewelry and a cd player that only kind of works and the drawers aren't on tracks so they are constantly almost falling out onto my feet. I'm looking to get a new dresser (the Malm 6-drawer in medium brown).

My room, the disaster 3
According to my measurements the dresser should fit between the two windows leaving a big space between where the old dresser used to be and the closet. I'm not sure what to do with that space...perhaps get rid of the butterfly chair when I figure out how to store my bags and then get a new chair to put into the new space. IKEA has this cute little chair that coverts into a bed.

I love furniture shopping and planning so browsing through the IKEA catalogue and website has become an obsession. I would like to eventually get a larger bookshelf because mine doesn't hold half the books I own but we'll see. My next paycheck will definitely be partially devoted to this bedroom furniture redecoration process. If I can at least get the new dresser I will be satisfied.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's the little things

After helping a friend pick up furniture at IKEA (and shop around for a possible new dresser for myself) I came home to a box from Gilt and inside were the Cynthia Rowley tights I ordered a few weeks ago. I of course wanted to try them on right away and a webcam leg photoshoot ensued.


I threw on some of my old athletic spandex that I would wear under my lacrosse skirt and it's actually quite comfortable. I wore them under a long cardigan with some polka dotted tights a few weeks ago. Take note of my old dresser in the background, wouldn't a nice Malm dresser in a slightly darker color look nice? or maybe two 3 drawer chests placed side by side. I'm waiting for my mom to come home from Seattle to make any final decisions but I'm impatient!


I can't wait to wear them but it's been so hot and on my days off (when I don't have to dress in all black) I just want to dress as girly as possible in light dresses and skirts without anything on my legs. The only problem with that is the variable winds that have been creating the Marilyn Monroe effect with those same dresses and skirts so maybe I should throw on a pair of tights. :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've been neglecting my poor blog, mostly because I've been working a lot this week and by the time I get home I just want to shower and go to bed or not do anything for the rest of the night. I picked up some cute dresses over the last few weeks, the ones sticking out in my memory being from Hollister and Forever 21. Forever 21 has a ton of cute clothing this season but I'm trying to hold back until I get a paycheck, which should be next week! One of the hardest parts of working at Nordstrom is not using my discount since I constantly have to walk through the women's shoe department, however, as one of the other girls I had training with said, "I would probably pick out shoes and be able to pay for one and have to wait for the next paycheck to pay for the other!" Honestly, all the salespeople I've met have been super nice and friendly and I commend them, since I'd probably be terrible at working on commission.

On my lunch breaks I walk by American Apparel on my way to Au Bon Pain and it's been hard to not stop in. One item they had close to the door were these:

I've been wanting a pair of these floral lace stirrup leggings for months and it's so hard to pass them by, but knowing my bank account and how much these cost, I have to wait. I'm also hoping they make a lace fitted skirt similar to their lace mini dress just without the top.

Lace has been a common theme in clothing I wish to buy this season. Nasty Gal has this great white lace slip dress that I love.


Going back to American Apparel there are several other pieces they sell that are on my wishlist, one being the chambray henley shirt dress:

It's similar to the Lamixx one that I've been wanting.

The last thing I'm going to talk about is the AA over-the-knee sock which is obviously too cute with the heart pattern.