Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shut Up, I'm Your Person

I started watching Grey's Anatomy when I first met Ian. He had the first season and we spent hours watching it together. I kept watching on my own after that, always taking time out on Thursdays even on my busiest days in undergrad. To me, a good tv show sucks you in and you feel for the characters and with Grey's that's what kept me coming back for more every Thursday. I sympathized with Meredith as she found out her boyfriend had a wife and felt George's pain as he watched Meredith date, breakup and get back together with Derek. I wanted to have a friendship like Cristina and Meredith's and hoped for the day that I'd be in med school and on my path to being a doctor. Tonight I pulled out season 2 and decided to watch an episode before bed and I felt the same feelings as before. Grey's is one of those shows that won't get old for me.

"You were like coming up for fresh air, it's like I was drowning and you saved me. It's all I know."

"It's not enough."

One of my favorite Meredith/Cristina moments.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've been so busy working this week that I haven't been able to follow and check up on the fashion blogs I usually read daily. I was even so busy that I missed seeing that I won a giveaway over at Kendi Everday! I can't wait to choose a bag from Jenny N. Designs, I may even splurge on a baby ruche, who knows!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If I were a successful fashion blogger, instead of your regular everyday barista/camp EMT, receiving freebies on a regular basis, the item I'd wish for most would be surprise bags. I have an apalling collection of purses for someone who should be saving her money for more important things like thousands of dollars worth of college loans but sometimes I can't help myself and often I find it hard to part with any of my bags no matter how little I wear them or how childish they must look.

I've been lusting after a few purses lately including:

The Coach Poppy Leather Button Bag. Usually I'm more of a giant purse kind of girl but I've been trying to broaden my horizons and I am getting into the crossbody look.

Coach Peyton Drawstring. An older coach bag, I never thought I'd be into drawstring bags but after seeing it on Aimee's blog I fell in love!

The Baby Ruche by Jenny N. Design. I love her bags and I think it's really interesting how she started out as a biomedical engineer.

Marc Jacobs Airliner Foldover Clutch. I have been in the market for a large foldover clutch but I haven't had time to sit around and monitor ebay auctions so this may have to wait. :(

I'm starting to lose steam considering I've worked about 22-23 hours in the past two days so I just want to add that I also really like just about everything from the past two Marc by Marc Jacobs collections haha :D There are many more bags that would make my "really want" list but I'd be here forever and you all would get bored!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Wake Up Exhausted...

Tegan and Sara's song "Wake Up Exhausted" perfectly describes my feelings as of late. I wish I could be a better, more consistent blogger but to be honest, lately I don't have much time for anything besides sleeping. I've been working 2 (sometimes 3 jobs) and it's been difficult to say the least but me, ever the workaholic overachiever brought this onto myself :D I love my summer camp job, dealing mostly with bumps, bruises and bloody noses. The counselors, though most of them are a good 3 years younger than me (or more) keep me laughing and the kids are a constant source of entertainment when they're not screaming and crying about a bruised knee or a cut finger. I'll be sad when the summer and camp ends.

The picture above comes from my trip to Syracuse weeks ago when we got stuck in the rain at the zoo. I was stalking a bird and Alida captured me trying to sneak up quietly behind it. I wish I could head back up but it doesn't look like I will have a free day until the end of August when camp ends and I can go back to working full time at just Nordstrom.

Anyway, besides Syracuse I miss being able to shop at real stores instead of mostly online (besides the fact I'm skittish about online shopping after someone stole my debit card number and made 2 purchases). At least at the end of the summer I should have a nice amount of money saved and will be able to go on a little shopping spree :D

P.S. I bought jeggings from American Eagle (yes I just cringed typing that word). Not only are they awesomely comfortable and fit my abnormally skinny ankles but with my employee discount that I get for working floorsets, they were $19.75 SO WORTH IT! I'm still cringing from their name though.