Saturday, July 17, 2010

If I were a successful fashion blogger, instead of your regular everyday barista/camp EMT, receiving freebies on a regular basis, the item I'd wish for most would be surprise bags. I have an apalling collection of purses for someone who should be saving her money for more important things like thousands of dollars worth of college loans but sometimes I can't help myself and often I find it hard to part with any of my bags no matter how little I wear them or how childish they must look.

I've been lusting after a few purses lately including:

The Coach Poppy Leather Button Bag. Usually I'm more of a giant purse kind of girl but I've been trying to broaden my horizons and I am getting into the crossbody look.

Coach Peyton Drawstring. An older coach bag, I never thought I'd be into drawstring bags but after seeing it on Aimee's blog I fell in love!

The Baby Ruche by Jenny N. Design. I love her bags and I think it's really interesting how she started out as a biomedical engineer.

Marc Jacobs Airliner Foldover Clutch. I have been in the market for a large foldover clutch but I haven't had time to sit around and monitor ebay auctions so this may have to wait. :(

I'm starting to lose steam considering I've worked about 22-23 hours in the past two days so I just want to add that I also really like just about everything from the past two Marc by Marc Jacobs collections haha :D There are many more bags that would make my "really want" list but I'd be here forever and you all would get bored!


  1. Well well well, look who's the lucky winner from my giveaway on Kendi's blog. :) :)

  2. I'm so excited to pick something out :)