Saturday, November 6, 2010

There is a light that never goes out...

And that light is in my room because I drink lattes at 10pm. I almost went an entire day without consuming any coffee but I couldn't help myself and Starbucks is open late. In my sleepless state I am angry that my computer refuses to play my 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack so I can put the Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition" on my ipod and listen to it constantly and that I don't have V for Vendetta since that would be the perfect way to spend my night. That being said what was it exactly that I wanted to post about on my blog? Oh right, tights. Now that it's gotten semi-cold in NJ (Ok probably really cold but when you spend 4 years in Syracuse this whole 40-50 degree weather thing still doesn't faze you) I am obsessed with pairing everything with tights and pretending like it's appropriate for the weather.

Today I wore this tiny cute semi-romper (It has BOTH a skirt to make it look like a dress and shorts underneath) from Urban paired with one of my new pairs of Cynthia Rowley tights that I am IN LOVE with.

Yeah yeah I realize that my picture does not do my outfit justice but at 12:30am eastern time after a long day of eating and going to the movies I just don't have the heart to properly charge my camera battery that just died. In addition to that tomorrow I have to face the hoards of crazy women who are Nordstrom shoppers at the Woman's Half Yearly Sale so please forgive me.

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