Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer days drifting away...

"Summer" is finally coming to a close and now that camp is over I have a week or so before I possibly start the one class I'm hoping to take this fall. I've been having so much trouble registering and I'm crossing my fingers that I can work it all out Monday or Tuesday because Wednesday I leave for ST. LOUIS!

One of my bffs goes to school there and last summer around this time I drove out there with her. It will be nice to finally have days off (I haven't had a day off since about July 11th, SERIOUSLY?!) and it will be nice to see Lindsey before our busy lives pick up again and we won't have a lot of time to chat.

We went to the arch and travelled in this tiny pod to the top.

The view of St. Louis from the top was great but the view of the river was kind of gross because it's all brown and weird haha

The giraffe got really close!

There was a fun pond in the botanical gardens and we had lunch at this cute little place nearby that had cupcakes :)

Hi Linds!

I really am super excited to go back and I plan on getting my fill of all the cute summer clothes I haven't been able to wear since most days I'm stuck in my camp t-shirt and then all black when I go to Nordstroms.

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