Friday, September 3, 2010

If Only Money Grew On Trees

With all the payments I've had to make in the last two weeks I really do wish I had a money tree. It seems like all my "bills" were due at once since I had to pay my medical school application fees (I still probably have to pay another $1200 for secondary apps), tuition for the one class I'm taking and my loan payment. It's really hard to watch all the money I made this summer go away knowing I had about 2 actual full days off and no life for about 2.5 months but I guess I had to grow up sometime. Anyway, I had a good time in St. Louis with Lindsey and I am kind of excited about my microbiology class despite the hour commute two days a week.

On a completely unrelated note I noticed in my wishlists/favorites around the web I have a lot of bicycle related jewelry that has caught my attention so I thought maybe I'd share it here.

I really like these "Ride Your Bike" Earrings by Boujour World on etsy. The shop also has some other cute jewelry including a ride your bike necklace and sailboat earrings (I have a thing for boats as well as bikes :D)

Another cute piece of jewelry is the Bike Love Necklace by Rachel Pfeffer Designs. Her shop has a lot of cute jewelry including some really fun honeycomb pieces.

The Bicicletta Necklace by Linkel Designs caught my eye because of the cute old fashioned bicycle design and it comes with a flower that adds a splash of color.

These are just some simple Bicycle Earrings from UrbanOutfitters.

I think I have bicycles and bike riding on the brain because the past few days I've been itching to pull out my bicycle, hope my tires stay inflated and just go on a nice leisurely ride around the area I live in...maybe tomorrow after work!

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