Friday, June 25, 2010

It's not Syracuse without rain (or snow)

After my week and a half from hell ended, I threw some things in a backpack and took an impromptu trip up to Syracuse, where I had spent the better part of 4 years for undergrad. One of my lovely housemates still lives there in the house we lived in for junior and senior year and I was more than happy to spend the next 24 hours with her, her boyfriend and some of her new housemates :)

We watched Finding Nemo and went to the zoo, where of course it poured for the better part of our visit but I still had a great time. After looking through the pictures I took at the zoo I realized that there are pretty much none of people, just animals, and I want the ones that Alida and Ashli took on their cameras!





Matt: When do ducks have babies? In the spring right? Me: Look down.

Ashli chasing a duck :D


"There there, it's ok to be pregnant and fat."


During a moment of really heavy rain we hung out with the snow leopards. Neither of us wanted to be directly in the downpour. I also spent the better part of our time at the zoo making up what I thought the animals were we found Nemo and his dad, Jacque and Dory!


Overall, my trip was worth it despite having to get up on Wednesday at 7am so I could drive home, shower and be at work by 1pm. :D

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