Thursday, May 27, 2010

I went to the beach by myself probably for the first time ever and it was a good experience...I read vogue and people watched and just overall enjoyed a beautiful day off. After lying on the beach for a few hours I ventured onto the boardwalk to get some frozen yogurt (that orange/vanilla/creamsicletasting/deliciousness flavor) and was accosted by 2 people offering me jobs. The first tried to throw a business card for who knows what into my hand which I politely declined but the second girl stopped me (while I was enjoying my frozen yogurt) and I listened to her for a few minutes. I think I only gave her a chance because she told me I was pretty and skinny haha I mean how can you not be flattered by that? Anyways, I got my sun, sand, ocean and frozen yogurt fix satisfied so I'm happy and ready to return to my coffee slave position tomorrow.

Taking a page out of Rebecca of The Clothes Horse's book, I am adding a what is in my purse picture to my post.


Usually I don't carry around shorts but I wasn't sure if I would want to change shorts after spending all day in another pair. Normal items include my ipod, chapstick, loose change, wallet, eyedrops, cellphone, keys, sunglasses (that should be in the case), planner, lotion and allergy meds since my allergies have been SO terrible this spring. Additional items that float in and out are things like gift cards (I have the sephora one in there from my brother!) and those giant post its that I occasionally write directions or random notes to myself on. The makeup makes me laugh because I never wear any unless it's concealer to hide some unwanted blemishes but for some reason I spy blush. The good part of having a giant bag, mine is from Urbanoutfitters, is that I can fit all my junk in it but at the same time a lot of unwanted junk tends to build up and I often have a hard time finding the important things like my chapstick or ipod haha

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