Monday, May 17, 2010

My Childhood Part 1

After going through old photos of my mom a month or so ago and seeing childhood photos of other bloggers I decided to dig through some old pictures my mom found while cleaning out my grandparent's house. It made me smile to see little me holding hands with my grandparents or sitting on their porch with my mom. When my grandfather died I inherited his polaroid camera and it's produced some of my favorite pictures. All of the polaroids I'm posting came from the same old Sun600 that I use today :]

I've also decided to devote another post or two to these pictures since I could go on forever talking about them (To see all of the pictures that I will eventually post about, check out my flickr. I really need to give in and just pay for a year subscription so I can see all my photos again).

Grandma & Cadie
This picture of my grandmother and I is a new favorite. I had never seen this photo before today and I'm really glad I found it. I'm not sure where it was taken but I'm holding one of those brushes that you brush snow off your car with haha My grandmother is such an inspiration to me and my tattoo is devoted to her. Her favorite favorite bird was the hummingbird which I have on my left shoulder and my grandma was the one who created my obsession with shopping and made the best spaghetti and meatballs I've ever eaten. Since she passed away, no one has been able to match her cooking. The next few pictures were all taken at my grandparent's house where I spent a lot of time while my parents were working.

Jack, Grandma, Cadie

Cadie & Grandpa
My Grandpa and I

Cadie, UncleJohn, Silverstar
My Uncle John and his Siberian Husky, Silver Star, when he was a puppy!

Cadie & Grandma

There are so many updates to my life I'd like to include but after working 6 days in a row (tomorrow will be 7!) I'm exhausted and all I ever want to do anymore is sleep! What I will say is that my made to order cut out dress from Vivat Veritas came today and I'm super excited to wear it :] Hopefully I will post pictures but I always hate how pictures I take of myself come out. I wish I had a personal photographer :D


  1. I can tell how much these pictures mean to you!

    they are beautiful, drenched in memories

    you have inspired me to do the same; look through some old pictures :)

  2. My Grandma's favorite bird was a hummingbird too, she had the biggest collection of them until she told us to stop buying them for her (after 50, she was getting sick of them, ha!). You're such an adorable baby! I love looking at family pictures, it's so comforting. Get some rest worker girl!