Sunday, May 9, 2010

My room, the DISASTER

When I was an undergraduate at Syracuse University my room was always immaculate. Even when I was living in a triple and had 2 roommates plus me in one room our room was both neat and clean. Since coming home from college (It's exactly one year from today that I graduated) my room hasn't actually been clean. I have piles of magazines that I've been meaning to go through and books and clothing piled up everywhere. One problem I have is that I don't know how to store my collection of purses and totes. Currently, they are all hanging off the arms of a butterfly chair that I probably ordered from delias when I was 13. Not that I don't love the chair but it resides near my large full wall closet and I am constantly dumping items that I don't want to put away for the moment onto it.

My room, the disaster 1
It's like a page out of ISPY. Clothes, my syracuse umbrella, measuring tape, various purses, the sephora gift card my brother bought gave to me last week (my birthday was in January haha) and my Nordstrom espresso bar apron.

If you can think of a better way to store my purses I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe some kind of hanger in the closet or a coat rack that I can devote to just bags.

My room, the disaster 2
Here is a picture of the dresser I mentioned in my last post. It's covered in picture frames, candles, jewelry and a cd player that only kind of works and the drawers aren't on tracks so they are constantly almost falling out onto my feet. I'm looking to get a new dresser (the Malm 6-drawer in medium brown).

My room, the disaster 3
According to my measurements the dresser should fit between the two windows leaving a big space between where the old dresser used to be and the closet. I'm not sure what to do with that space...perhaps get rid of the butterfly chair when I figure out how to store my bags and then get a new chair to put into the new space. IKEA has this cute little chair that coverts into a bed.

I love furniture shopping and planning so browsing through the IKEA catalogue and website has become an obsession. I would like to eventually get a larger bookshelf because mine doesn't hold half the books I own but we'll see. My next paycheck will definitely be partially devoted to this bedroom furniture redecoration process. If I can at least get the new dresser I will be satisfied.


  1. I am like you! I have a billion bags and purses! What I do is hang them on a coat hanger on the back of my door. I went to bed bath and beyond and bought a plastic door rack for about 5 bucks and hung it there. And Voila! All 20+ of my bags hung nice and neatly! I used to throw them around as well hehe :)

    cute blog!!

  2. Thanks! I'm in this post-college, still haven't had the time to properly unpack and organize phase despite two days ago being the 1 year anniversary of my graduation from college. I think I keep hoping that I'll move out and be able to just pack it all up again and not properly organize haha :]

  3. Ahh IKEA, every girls dream I think is to have a fully furnished room with IKEA items. Or maybe that's just me..

  4. I agree it really is a girl's dream store haha I love going there and browsing through all the sample rooms!