Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling good.

I'm almost afraid to be too happy since so many good things happened today and all winter it seemed like one bad thing after another kept popping up. The biggest thing was I got a call back from the manager of the espresso bar at Nordstrom and I got the job that I interviewed for on Monday! I start Tuesday :] The Nordstom I'm going to work at is at this ritzy mall in NJ that doesn't even have a foodcourt because they don't want that sort of atmosphere so it should be an interesting experience. I'm super excited though because now I have a job until my summer camp EMT job starts and then I will probably have time to work both (and have no time for anything else haha :D).

Today we had such beautiful weather mixed with random downpours that would last about 5 minutes then pass by. I tried to take some outfit pictures but I hate self-portraits of myself so here are some pictures of the azalea bush next to my house that is in bloom.

This color of the flowers is beautiful. My pictures don't do it justice.

I chased this guy around with my camera. He was so big and fuzzy.


Tonight the volunteer first aid squad I belong to went to judge the girl scout/boy scout first aid rally and it was a lot of fun. The kids were too cute and it was funny to listen to them whispering to each other before they came up to ask us questions or started treating their patients. Some of the older troops really did a great job and it reminded me of back when I was a girl scout participating in the first aid rally over 8 years ago!

Despite how terrible my allergies have been I'm so happy it's spring :]


  1. hope you had a fabulous weekend xxxx

  2. It was pretty good thanks :]

    I got compliments on my nail polish color 4 times at work today!